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Al Dahra Bartlett

United Arab Emirates

Al Dahra has formed a joint venture with Albert Bartlett, a UK-based company specialized in the farming and trading of potatoes. The purpose of the joint venture “Al Dahra Bartlett” is to cultivate potatoes in available farming land in Egypt for trading and distribution in the Middle East, Africa and Europe and to build a specialized potato grading, packing and storing unit. As part of the joint venture, Albert Bartlett will provide expert knowledge in terms of seed selection, farming and harvesting practices in addition to grading, packing and storing.

Albert Bartlett has been in the farming business for over 60 years, partnering with well-established farming families to produce over 500,000 metric tons of potatoes per annum. The company is renowned for sourcing the best and tastiest potatoes from over 100 farms in the United Kingdom and Jersey. Today, it supplies over 68 percent of the UK’s fresh potatoes in the premium category from its grower and production network across England, Scotland and Jersey. In addition, the company has established operations in France and the USA.

Its head office in the UK includes a state-of-the-art production site in Airdrie with modern and environmentally-friendly facilities, equipped with 26 lines of machinery that pack potatoes 365 days of the year, and high technology systems that ensure economical water and energy use.

As part of its wide product offering, Albert Barlett offers Rooster, Britain’s favourite branded potato in addition to other branded varieties including Apache, Russet, Purple Majesty, Jersey Royals and Supreme Salad. Albert Barlett also has a wide variety of retailer own label premium products including Anya, Elfe, Marabel and Vivaldi.

500K MT

annual flour production and supply capacity


flour mills in Greece strategically located in two independent port sites

400K MT

annual rice production and supply capacity


state-of-the-art rice mills across India, Pakistan and Abu Dhabi

150K MT

group annual fruits and vegetables farming and supply capacity


grains storage capacity in 18 silos located in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

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Grain biggest trading hub in the Middle East, that can cater to 2.4 Billion people.

Al Dahra ACX Global

Al Dahra ACX Global number 1 forage exporter in the USA for 2015

ISO 9001:2015

Al Dahra Agriculture is ISO 9001:2015 certified.